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Ziba Shirazi is an Iranian‐American writer, singer, songwriter, storyteller, and lecturer at Santa Monica College, who left Iran for the United States in 1985. Ziba is the first Iranian female singer-songwriter who not only wrote all her songs but also, despite all the obstacles, single-handedly produced and promoted her seven albums since 1990. As a Poet and music artist, she is best known for her poignant songs and storytelling through poetry. Ziba's compositions blend flavors of Persian melodies with world music and jazz. Referred to as the ‘Voice of Women' in the Iranian community, Ziba's lyrics are colored by passionate feminist tones, love, compassion, and universal human stories.

Ziba's lifetime dreams were achieved in the spring of 2014, when she staged her first musical production, Spring Love, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and following years at Soka Performing Arts Center and Irvine Barclay Theatre.

In 2009, Ziba created Story & Song, a lyrical storytelling performance set to live music with video projections featuring stories of Iranian immigrants and their struggles since the Islamic Revolution. This project, which was also the subject of Ziba's Master's thesis in Performance and Communication at California State University in Los Angeles, has been performed across the US and Canada. Co- authored with Dr. Kamran Afary, Ziba's research was published in 2020 by Rowman and Littlefield as a textbook entitled “Iranian Diaspora Identities: Stories and Songs”. This book combines oral history, storytelling, and song lyrics with ethnographic research in communication and performance studies. Reviewers have called it a unique archive of the history of contemporary Iranian diaspora experiences.

Ziba continues to touch the audience's heart, crossing cultural gaps with her unique art of storytelling and music.


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  • Book Cover and Design.
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"An Angel's Tale held on January 16, 2016 was another masterpiece by the exceptional artist, Ziba Shirazi. Ziba took us on a musical and theatrical journey, depicting the life of Noushin Tabrizi, celebrating her legacy through the most powerful and heartwarming performance. Ziba Shirazi has a unique talent of telling stories by capturing the emotions of the real-life characters and conveying them to the audience in various artistic forms. She writes heartfelt stories, sings sensational songs and reenacts precious memories." An angel's Tale was a true masterpiece by a one of a kind artist for a one of kind angel!"

-Haleh Khatami

I didn't sleep last night at all.  It was a surreal evening; I didn't want it to end.  You brought so much humor, so much love, so much intelligence and so much grace into the story of Houri Khanom.  As she is fading into the twilight zone, you resurrected her spirit, her fierce independence, her integrity, the pride in her family and her upbringing, the pain of her marriage, her satisfaction with her children, her resilience and finally her acceptance of all the cards dealt to her by life. I salute your work and I would like to book you now for my eulogy.

-Mariam Safinia

My dear Ziba... Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for yesterday's ceremony..  Friends who had never met my father are telling me that they felt they knew him after your beautiful and very emotional performance.  Your story brought him back to life again for a few very beautiful hours yesterday afternoon.  Thank you for making it happen. We are honored that you accepted our invitation and will cherish this memory. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as does my entire family. God bless you, always... Thank you.

-Desiree Rais


Honoring the memory of a deceased loved one through a unique, well-told life story.

"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. For those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation."

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December 2022 زیبا شیرازی Yekseda یک‌ صدا
Bahar O Eid
May 2021 زیبا شیرازی Bahar O Eid بهار و عید
Love Story
February 2015 زیبا شیرازی Love Story قصه‌های عاشقانه
Bahar March 2014 زیبا شیرازی Bahar بهار
My Man November 2011 زیبا شیرازی My Man مرد من
Fresh Breeze January 2005 زیبا شیرازی Fresh Breeze
Lost Dreams February 2002 زیبا شیرازی Lost Dreams آرزوهای گمشده
Seven Stars September 2001 زیبا شیرازی Seven Stars هفت ستاره
Live in Concert March 1999 زیبا شیرازی Live in Concert
Zananeha April 1998 زیبا شیرازی Zananeha زنانه‌ها
Seeb-E Sorkh January 1993 زیبا شیرازی Seeb-E Sorkh سیب سرخ
Seeb-E Sorkh January 1993 Play



کوچ ایرانیان و هویت های نو


Iranian Diaspora Identities: Stories and Songs combines oral history, storytelling, theories of communication, and performance studies into a unique study of an immigrant community. This book is the result of collaborative work between two Iranian-American immigrants. Ziba Shirazi is a well-known musician, artist and performer. Kamran Afary is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Cal State Los Angeles and a journalist and author. Using ethnographic, dramatistic, and oral history approaches, Ziba Shirazi gathered these stories of diaspora journeys of Iranians living in California and Toronto in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. These stories were transcribed and developed into short performance pieces that included lyrics and songs and were performed in the United States and Canada to thousands of people in theater venues and libraries. These stories constitute a unique archive of the history of contemporary Iranian diaspora experiences. They are autobiographic vignettes that have helped constitute an artistic vision of Iranian exiles’ own sense of community and their migratory experiences that inform the transformations they experienced in family, gender, and spiritual beliefs. In addition to providing an archive of experiences, the book uses social drama and storytelling to advocate for a new methodology for documenting Iranian diaspora accounts. It constitutes a new contribution to the existing literature on Iranian diaspora and furthers an exciting contribution to scholarship in qualitative research in Communication Studies.


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